Starling Murmuration & Roost 1

For the past few days there has been a big Starling murmuration and roost in the old brick-pits at Walham, just to the north of Gloucester between 5.30 and 6.15pm (SO 822 199); on Thursday 2nd March estimated 3000+ birds, in the first ten minutes being pursued by a small falcon, probably Merlin, also a Sparrowhawk.

¬†Suggested viewing from the Maisemore Road (SO 817 200) – park safely and walk carefully, it’s possible to walk to the riverbank on the public footpath from the Maisemore Road or walk upstream along the river side path from Westgate to something like SO 821 197.

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One thought on “Starling Murmuration & Roost

  • Andy Jayne

    I was nearby at Port Ham as dusk approached on 1st March and I witnessed several large Starling flocks heading NNE, presumably to this same roost. I estimated a total of about 9000.